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SOIL BIOENGINEERING MEASURES FOR HILL AND SLOPE STABILIZATION WORKS WITH PLANTS. Florin Florineth 1 and Christoph Gerstgraser 1. 1. Institute of Soil Bioengineering and Landscape Construction, University of Agriculture, Forestry and Renewable Natural Resources, Asenauerstraße 42, A-1190 Vienna, Austria.

4.4 Soil Stabilization

4.4 Soil Stabilization General Information A variety of soil stabilization BMPs are available. All practices discussed in this section seek to vegetate or otherwise cover bare soil areas with grass, mulch, sod, or other material for the purpose of reducing raindrop erosion, muddy runoff, gullying, and dust problems.

Stabilization of Dispersive Clays

are lime, fly ash and bottom ash. So the stabilization of the dispersive soil is a physic-chemical process. a) Stabilization using lime The tests were conducted using different percentages of lime to find out the optimum lime content for rectifying the dispersiveness of soil. The optimum amount of lime is found to be 3%.

Microbial spatial footprint as a driver of soil carbon

Jul 16, 2019 · Soil C is crucial for soil fertility, and the recovery of some portion of the 133 Pg C lost upon agricultural land-use conversion 1 is a prominent strategy for helping to keep global temperature ...


When landscaping, select plants for slope stabilization and use bubblers or drip emitters for irrigation. When watering season starts again, watch the length of time you water and the amount of water delivered. Make sure the plants get only what will soak in. Slopes between 33% and 50% require special care.

Growing Plants On A Hillside: Best Plants For Slopes And Banks

Deep rooted plants help stabilize soil, trees add dimension and shade to prevent excess evaporation, and low growing ground covers cover up unsightly areas with ease of care. Turf grass is often a choice but consider the maintenance difficulties. Mowing is challenging and water will simply run off this high moisture loving plant.

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Best Native Plants for Protecting Your Hillside from Erosion

Jun 17, 2014 · After the terrible Oso landslide tragedy, we received several calls at Woodbrook Native Plant Nursery from people wanting advice on what to plant on their hillsides. Plants help protect against erosion in several ways. They remove water from the soil and carry it up into their tissues and release it as water vapor into the air (evapotranspiration).

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Stabilization of soil using bitumenous emulsions

Oct 25, 2014 · 1. Stabilization of soil using BITUMENOUS EMULSIONS Presented by: k.Prashanth kumar 2. Introduction: For any land-based structure, the foundation is very important and has to be strong to support the entire structure. in order for the foundation to be strong, the soil around it plays a very critical role.

Guide to Preparing a Restoration Proposal

b. A Soil Stabilization Plan that provides a description of the soil erosion control methods being proposed, such as installation of silt fence, application of seed mixes, and use of straw mulch. If a seed mix is proposed for stabilization, provide the composition and percentage of each seed species in the seed mix.

The use of indigenous plant species and calcium phosphate for

Highly metal-polluted (Pb, Cd, Zn) soil from a non-ferrous mine and smelter site in southern Poland, further referred to as “Waryński” soil, was used to test indigenous plant species for stabilization effectiveness of heavy metals in soils. Results of pilot investigations with commercially available cultivars of plant species showed that these cultivars could not grow on this highly ...

Chemical and biological assessment of Cd-polluted sediment for land use: The effect of stabilization

Yu et al. (2009) suggested and found that the heavy-metal-polluted sediment could be treated with in-situ stabilization treatment and ex-situ composting to allow for a safe use as a …

Temporary grasses stabilize soil

By definition, a temporary cover is vegetation you seed onto a site to provide soil stabilization for 2 to 12 months until you can sow the permanent "crop." You may need to stabilize soil for longer periods, but you must be careful that the temporary cover you use does not out-compete desired permanent vegetation once you plant it.

Solicitation No. 404403 PROJECT: Nansemond Treatment Plant Land Acquisition

-2- Nansemond Treatment Plant Land Acquisition - Land Stabilization (NP013500) and Nansemond Treatment Plan Land Acquisition - Structure Demolition (NP013600) Advertisement for Bids October 6, 2019 grades; and any other tasks required to fully complete

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How relevant is recalcitrance for the stabilization of organic matter in soils? - Marschner - 2008

Institute for Land Use, University Rostock, Justus‐von‐Liebig‐Weg 6, 18059 Rostock, Germany Search for more papers by this author ... framework integrates plant litter decomposition with soil organic matter stabilization: do labile plant inputs form, , 19, 4, ...


Acknowledgement This Design Manual has been prepared through a grant from DANIDA ENRECA. as part of the outcome of research on the application of waste stabilization ponds and constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment in Tanzania. The Constructed

Alternative Techniques to Riprap Bank Stabilization

In 1994, King County built a bioengineered bank stabilization project on the Middle Green River at the site of John Hamakami’s Strawberry Farm. The site was designed at a time when the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Muck-leshoot tribal fisheries groups, and King County ecologists were realizing that the continued place-

Rainwater and Land Development: Ohio's Standards for

to develop land for other uses or provide access for site work. Clearing generally describes the cutting and removal of above ground material while grubbing is the removal of roots, stumps, and other unwanted material below existing grade. Clearing and grubbing includes the proper disposal of materials and the implementation

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A review on dump slope stabilization by revegetation with reference to indigenous plant

The choice of plant species depends on the characteristics of spoil, climatic condition and ultimate land use. Indigenous plants such as Sal, Kendu, Amla, Jamun, Shisham, Croton roxburghii , Karanj and Neem are more tolerant to adverse spoil pH and moisture stress than grass and legumes and are therefore, easier to establish.

Proper Sanitization of Sewage Sludge: a Critical Issue for a

Jul 07, 2008 · PROCEDURES FOR STABILIZATION OF SEWAGE SLUDGE. Prior to land application, sewage sludge needs to be stabilized (Fig. (Fig.1). 1). The stabilization procedure commonly reduces organic matter and water content, emission of unpleasant odors, and concentrations of pathogenic microorganisms . Stabilization should result in either an end product ...

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10 Plants That Fight Soil Erosion and Add Color

Cotoneaster horizontalis (zones 5 to 7) is another choice from the shrub world that is among the best plants for erosion control. You'll like its horizontal plant form if you're looking for a selection that doesn't get too tall (3 feet) but that spreads and puts out big, tough roots that will stabilize the ground on a slope.

Soil Stabilizing Plants | Home Guides

Loose or heavily sloped soil is a landscaping hazard, but a range of native and non-native plant species can be used in an effort to stabilize and beautify soil. Soil stabilizing plants range in size, root type, degree of ground cover and visual appeal, and selecting a variety of plants is essential for combating...

Scale dependence of plant species richness

Ecological patterns and processes in dune ecosystems have been a research focus in recent years, however the information on how dune stabilization influences the spatial scale dependence of plant diversity is still lacking. In this study, we measured the plant species richness, soil properties and altitude across four spatial scales (1, 10, 100 and 1,000 m2) at three different dune ...


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