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• Quality Management System complies with ISO 9001. • Machine passed CE International Certification. • Adopt special design air pressure system, save abrasive, reduces loss and more efficiency. • Adopt finish machining fittings and import c


1. Wastewater characteristics and effluent quality parameters

The nitrogen and phosphorus content of sewage might reduce or eliminate the requirements for commercial fertilizers. It is advantageous to consider effluent reuse at the same time as wastewater collection, treatment and disposal are planned so that sewerage system design can be optimized in terms of effluent transport and treatment methods.

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May 15, 2014 · The former system was a dual activated sludge plant rated for 2.2 mgd. Primary treatment consisted of a rotating screen and an aerated grit tank. The treatment tanks consisted of two 82-ft aeration tanks and two 100-ft concentric concrete tanks with sludge holding on the outside and center clarifiers.


COMMON EFFLUENT TREATMENT PLANT By G. H. Trivedi, SEE J. D. Kalyani, R.O. 26th November, 2012 22nd December, 2012 1 3 •CONCEPT & ADVANTAGES OF CETP

Working Procedure Of Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP

Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) is essential to purify the waste water which is come from different types of manufacturing industry like textile, ternary, dyes and chemical manufacturing industry, pharmaceuticals etc. Different environment saving organizations are trying to protect the environment from the harmful effect of the effluent.

Active commissioning experience on the Sellafield low active

2. Segregated Effluent Treatment Plant (SETP), for treating the lower active streams (solids removal, neutralisation, sentencing, accountancy and sea discharge) 3. Waste Packaging and Encapsulation Plant (WPEP) for encapsulation of active floe from EARP (and hydrocyclone solids from SETP) into a cement based matrix and integral drum store, 4.

Treatment of concrete wash wastewater from ready-mix

Whilst treatment with disodium hydrogen phosphate lowered the strontium to less than 0.063 mg/l, it is then hypothesized that sequence treatment of barium chloride, disodium hydrogen phosphate, and carbon dioxide bubbling will result in an effluent solution with acceptable disposal characteristics that satisfy regulatory bodies.

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These plants are constructed using quality raw materials, provides long working life to clients. Water Care Equipments & Services is a leading sewage treatment plant & wastewater treatment plant manufacturers in …

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Effluent Treatment Plant - Manufacturers, Suppliers

Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) is a highly efficient & compact design plant. The continuous research & development of this product has enabled it to become more powerful and a convenient energy saving unit. The product is made under strict norms as directed by the PCB. On more...


Aug 28, 2008 · The paper industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. In Pune, a paper mill has set up a waste treatment plant which also generates biogas that substitutes 15% of the plant's ...


A systematic study was undertaken to utilize industrial effluent treatment plant (ETP) sludge as partial replacement for cement in M20 concrete. The ETP sludges selected for this study are those generated by lime treatment of automobile, engineering and lead battery industry effluents.

Dew Enviro - Water & Wastewater Treatment Company In India

Pfizer Ltd : Awarded the best effluent treatment plant for Pfizer worldwide site. Totally compact and completely constructed in MS structure. ... Wastewater Treatment Systems. Effluent Treatment Plant for physical, chemical and biological treatment of wastewater. ... – M.M.Rathi, President, Shree Cement Ltd. "We have installed wastewater ...

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34 SHIVANATH ET A. UTILIATION OF INDUSTRIAL EFFLUENT TREATMENT PLANT ETP SLUDGE AS 35 ronment. The usage of sand, stone, gravel, lime, clay, gypsum, etc as building materials and manufacture of other building materials such as brick, cement, etc.

(PDF) Reusing treated effluent in concrete technology

In this paper, the feasibility of using treated effluent for concrete mixing was studied. Treated effluent from sewage treatment plants in Malaysia is currently being wasted through direct ...

Effluent Treatment Plant Manufacturer

Other Effluent Treatment Plant Manufacturers Don’t Compare to Beckart Environmental. Beckart Environmental is proud to be one of the world’s leading effluent treatment plant manufacturers, serving the needs of both public utilities and private companies worldwide.

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Effluent Treatment Plant Manufacturers in India

The effluent treatment plant is designed to treat the effluent coming from different areas of the plant. The treatment of different effluents varies with the type of effluent. Water is recycled from effluent coming from textile & chemical industries using series of operations i.e. coagulation, flocculation, aeration, and filtration techniques ...

Reuse of textile effluent treatment plant sludge in

This study examines the potential reuse of textile effluent treatment plant (ETP) sludge in building materials. The physico-chemical and engineering properties of a composite textile sludge sample from the southern part of India have been studied. The tests were conducted as per Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) specification codes to evaluate the suitability of the sludge for structural and ...

Cement Manufacturing

(Asimilar plant with 8.5 m (28 ft) diameter clarifiers had 660 mg/1 suspended solids in the overlow.) Plant J - Treatment of wet scrubber effluent This plant uses a wet scrubber as its main dust collector for the combined exhaust from three kilns.

Industrial wastewater treatment

Industrial wastewater treatment describes the processes used for treating wastewater that is produced by industries as an undesirable by-product. After treatment, the treated industrial wastewater (or effluent) may be reused or released to a sanitary sewer or to a surface water in the environment.. Most industries produce some wastewater.Recent trends have been to minimize such production or ...

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Code of Practice for the Concrete and Concrete Products Industry

" waste concrete " means, in relation to an establishment, any sludge or concrete or both, which are produced in the operations of the establishment but are not used, recycled or reused in the manufacture of concrete products or ready-mix concrete or for any other purpose;

Effluent Treatment Plant - Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP

Effluent Treatment Plant for various types of industrial waste water. Customised systems to suit the wide variety of effluents and to maintain efficiency are provided to industries – systems based on physicochemical and biological treatments and membrane separation are offered to suit efficiency.

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Effluent Treatment System Manufacturer from Hyderabad

Effluent Treatment Plant is developed to treat the effluent that is waste water coming from different areas of plant. Water is the main resource used in all types of industries for many processes. But water used in industries in not consumed completely.

Treatment of Waste generated from Cement Industry and

Proper waste management and treatment system is required for effluent coming out from cement industries so adverse effect of these pollutants can be minimized to maintain environment and to reuse the waste material in other process. Cement manufacturing process:- Along with Portland cement masonry cement also produced by cement industries.

Standards and Design Guidelines for Wastewater Treatment

Minimum Standards for Interim Wastewater Treatment Plants (5 Years Maximum and up to 100,000 GPD AADF) Interim wastewater treatment systems will be allowed with the stipulation that they shall be replaced by permanent wastewater treatment systems within five (5) years, as measured from interim startup to permanent startup.


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